Welcome to the Fungal Biology Supergroup at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our FBS meets once a month to hear talks from the lab groups on campus studying fungi. These meetings are open to all and cover a vast diversity of topics under the umbrella of fungal biology. Each month is hosted by a different group, and talks are typically informal descriptions of research which can serve as practice for conference or dissertation talks. Please look around our website for more information.

Upcoming events

Our values

The Fungal Biology Supergroup welcomes and values individuals from all identities, cultures, backgrounds, experiences, statuses, and abilities. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination and strive to be anti-racist. Our community is inclusive and celebrates diversity, which is a source of strength, creativity, and innovation.

Amanita muscaria - Credit: Anne Pringle & Natalia Vargas Estupiñan

Steering Committee:

  • Jean-Michel Ané
  • Nancy Keller​
  • Anne Pringle
  • Grant Nickles
  • Cristobal Carrera Carriel
  • Breanne Steffan
  • Kathleen Thompson
  • Justin Eagan
  • Kathleen Thompson

Interdepartmental & Multi-institutional

Our group includes groups from many departments on campus as well as groups and agencies off campus:


Many fields and approaches are used to study the fundamental mechanisms of fungal biology including:

  • advanced imaging methods
  • biochemistry
  • bioinformatics
  • chemistry
  • ecology
  • engineering
  • evolution
  • genetics & genomics
  • medicine
  • metabolomics
  • physics
  • public health
  • systematics